Model Streaming® Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Model Streaming®, VDC Partner’s BIM Direct Budgeting Software.  The intent of the following FAQ is to provide answers to common questions that we hear from the construction industry.  Please contact us if you have other questions concerning Model Streaming or VDC Partners.

What does the VDC Partners acronym mean?
VDC stands for Virtual Design and Construction.

What is the meaning behind the name Model Streaming?
Model Streaming refers to the ability of the application to capture information streaming from a Building Information Model (BIM).

What are the top three features that make Model Streaming different from other construction estimating products?
Model Streaming has many attractive features that will benefit estimators, but the top three are:

What ROI can I expect for Model Streaming?
The ROI will be dependent on the amount of time an estimator currently spends in quantity take-off activities and the degree to which new workflows are adopted.   It is estimated that the time spent on quantity take-off activities is similar in hours to the time spent on construction design.  Therefore, the ROI will be significant.  Additionally, using VDC workflows, Model Streaming makes it possible to track project design progress and changes closer than ever before.  Project budgets can be prepared in seconds on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, regardless of project size!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using nationally recognized databases of construction labor and material costs?
Nationally recognized databases use industry average cost and labor information for specific regions.  These average costs may be somewhat inflated to assure that estimators do not underestimate a project.  Most estimators have their own database of costs that they use, in order to assure accuracy of their budgets.

How often will we receive updates for Model Streaming?
There will be annual updates similar to other major software products.

How will I receive Model Streaming updates?
Customers with annual subscriptions will receive their annual updates on CD.

How are users of Model Steaming registered?
Model Streaming is initially registered by obtaining an activation code from VDC Partners.  Once activated, the application uses a concurrent user license manager to assure maximum utilization of all licenses purchased.

If Model Streaming does quantity take-off for an estimator, how does an estimator get a feel for the project?
The estimator can get a feel for the project by reviewing and/or assigning the object assembly codes in Revit.

If an estimator does not use Revit today, how long will it take him or her to learn the basic tools in Revit to review and assign the object assembly codes?
The 3D tools in Revit are very intuitive, and most estimators should be comfortable with them in a week.

Do estimators have to load their assembly code target costs every time they use Model Streaming?
No, an estimator only has to enter assembly code target costs in Model Streaming Central once.  This cost data is stored for use on future projects.  The estimator will, however, want to use the project factors to refine budgets on a project-by-project basis.

Is the construction company’s confidential cost data secure?
Yes, the construction company’s cost data is stored in Model Streaming Central where it is resident on their server.

What is Model Streaming Central?
Model Streaming Central is the back end of the software that manages the database of target cost information.   One seat of Model Streaming Central is required for every office using Model Streaming.

What is Model Streaming?
Model Streaming is the front end of the software that estimators use to prepare project budgets.

Does Model Streaming give an estimator the ability to add their own assembly codes?
Yes, estimators have the ability to create and add their own unique assembly codes in Model Streaming Central.

Is Model Streaming difficult to learn?
Model Streaming was specifically designed to be user friendly and simple to learn.  Most users will be comfortable with the software in a single week of working with the application.

Can estimators import their existing database into Model Streaming?
Yes, if the existing database is in Excel format.  However, we do not recommend importing the database without a total review of all costs, because Revit quantifies information different than other systems, which might result in an error.