VDC Consulting Services

Is it time for you to harness the power of Virtual Design and Construction?

Consulting Services

VDC Partners has experience with providing Virtual Design and Construction Services on projects ranging from $200 million new construction projects to $100,000 renovation projects.  We combine this experience with knowledge gained from 60 years in the construction industry to provide Consulting Services that are relevant to your needs.  We can provide Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • VDC project plans
  • VDC coordination
  • VDC to the field
  • VDC implementation plans for facility owners and builders

BIM Quantity Survey Services
Construction BIM’s contain the quantity data that is the foundation of a budget or estimate.

VDC Partners is an industry leader in extracting complete and easy to use assembly based quantity reports.  We can provide the following quantity survey services:

  • Assessment of 5D suitability of 3rd party design BIM’s or BIM’s created by your teams
  • Weekly, monthly, or milestone quantity reports throughout design to track trending of the budget

BIM Budgeting Tools

We are currently seeking additional beta testing partners to fine-tune our Model Streaming® software.