Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Projects that use construction BIM’s simply work better: industry-wide, owners and builders are seeing the value and power of BIM for communication, coordination and cost reduction in many aspects of their building projects.

  • 50 to 70% fewer change orders – Mortenson Construction
  • 2% to 4% schedule reduction – Naval Facilities Command
  • 4% cost reduction – Naval Facilities Command
  • 50% reduction in re-work – Naval Facilities Command

Additionally, using construction BIM’s as a basis for offsite prefabrication of some or all of the work can provide even greater cost and schedule reductions as well as quality improvements.

VDC Partners creates BIM’s that are well suited to reap all of these benefits as we pre-build the building or renovation, identify constructability issues, and work out the details prior to construction.  One unique benefit to VDC Partners BIM Service is that Model Streaming® Quantity Reports are furnished with all our BIM’s.

Whether you are looking for help with your first BIM project or have more need today than capacity, we are here to help.

BIM Facilities Management Services

Working closely with Facilities Management teams, VDC Partners creates models of buildings and grounds that accurately represent existing conditions.  Combining actual construction documents (both originals and existing renovations) and field verification, our models are uniquely suited to allow extraction of current condition data (floor plans, sections, elevations, space-usage plans, evacuation plans, etc.).  If desired, MEP information can also be added to the models.  Additionally, VDC Partners offers consulting services to transition your Facilities Management Systems to BIM.

Please see WSU Phelps Hall project profile as an example.

BIM Pre-Renovation Services

Modeling an existing building creates unique options as an owner prepares for a renovation project.  Working closely with owners, VDC Partners creates an accurate model of the building by combining actual construction documents (both originals and existing renovations) and extensive field verification.  This method of modeling produces an extremely accurate (LOD 300, LOA 20) BIM.  Starting from an accurate knowledge of the existing building, renovation ideas can be quickly implemented and clearly presented to project stakeholders and everyone on the design team in 2D, 3D and 4D forms.  Additionally, existing condition plans are included with every model.  VDC Partners also offers BIM Consulting Services to building owners.

Please see WSU Gildemeister Hall project profile as an example.

Design BIM to Construction BIM Upgrade Services

Designers are becoming more comfortable with handing over their design BIM’s to builders and consultants who understand Level of Development (LOD) and Level of Accuracy (LOA) nomenclature.  With 60 years of construction experience and knowledge of LOD and LOA standards, we are experts at upgrading BIMs from design communication tools to construction tools.