Model Streaming® is Building Information Modeling (BIM) Direct Budgeting Software that extends Autodesk® Revit® from a three-dimensional (3D) to a five-dimensional (5D) design and construction tool. Model Streaming can increase a construction company’s profitability and win ratio on new projects by increasing Revit’s Return-on-Investment (ROI) and accuracy of cost estimates, while reducing the time for each estimate by eliminating the need for Quantity Takeoffs (QTO). In times of hyper-competition, Model Streaming gives a construction company a significant competitive advantage.

A major competitive advantage closely protected as Intellectual Property (IP) by construction companies is their database of material and installation costs. Model Streaming puts the power of a construction company’s IP to work by easily applying their own historical costs to each Revit object. By eliminating the time and cost of QTO and the ballpark nature of global cost information, a construction company is able to price projects with a high degree of confidence and will enjoy the advantages of Model Streaming as a lean estimating tool. A cost estimator for a Top 400 General Contractor summarized the value of Model Streaming when he said,

architect“Estimators will become cost analysts now that they don’t have to spend time counting windows, doors and other laborious QTO activities.”

Model Streaming creates estimates in one simple step directly from Revit to UNIFORMAT II Budgeting. When designing a building, the designer, builder, and owner will consider several design options based on the building’s usage requirements and available budget. By automatically assigning target assembly costs to all BIM objects, Model Streaming provides immediate budgets for all design options. Target assembly costs can be easily fine-tuned by the estimator for project location, project size, project difficulty, inflation and design status. The designer, builder and owner can then make the best choices by reviewing budget reports filtered by construction phase or for the complete project.

Additionally, Model Streaming and Revit together provide complete documentation of all design and budget assumptions throughout the preconstruction phase of a project. This level of cost documentation enhances communication between designer, builder and owner, whether it is a Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, or Construction Management project.